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Assoc Prof Dr Abdus Salam

I am Dr Abdus Salam, a Consultant Medical Educationalist and Public Health Specialist.

Education is the backbone of any nation and thereby it is the backbone of global development. I want to work toward becoming the educational expert that others rely upon. 

My published papers on educational research -a few examples given below- are evidence of my life-long commitment towards educational development.

  • Curriculum in medical schools
  • Challenges of problem based learning
  • Bedside teaching-issues and strategies
  • Assessment in medical schools
  • Community based education
  • Medical graduates’ competencies and communication skills
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  • Educational environment
  • Campus community partnership in education
  • Synchronous transnational online collaborative learning
  • Team based learning
  • Simulation based learning
  • Professionalism
My aim is to transform the globe through a sustainable educational development and produce high quality human capitals & future leaders.

Latest update: Workshop on Steps in Publishing a Scientific Paper in a Journal